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Every issue of the feminist magazine EMMA from the seventies onwards can now be viewed online in a Digital Archive. 


The FrauenMediaTurm (FMT) provides different kinds of databases and research material.

Our online-databases can be accessed for free. As the language of the user interface and most of the content is German, the additional information about  search options and tutorials have not yet been translated. If you have any questions regarding your research, please do not hesitate to write us a message.

Literaturdatenbank - a book catalogue

The FMT online book catalogue is a reference database on gender and feminist issues. It comprises more than 50,000 records: books, articles, magazines and magazine articles. The bibliographical references are enriches with different kinds of keywords with regard to contents, using our own special feminist thesaurus.

Since 2010 the content of this book catalogue can also be searched via hbz union catalogue provided by the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre.

Start searching the the book catalogue (in German)

Bilddatenbank - a picture database

Currently the FMT is creating a picture database in order to complement the book catalogue with all kinds of visual documents relevant for a feminist archive. This project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

EMMAdigital - a digital archive

Every issue of the magazine EMMA from the seventies onwards can be viewed online in a digital archive. If you are either interested in a particular article, or if you just want to get an impression of how the earliest EMMA-issues looked like and what they were about - this project makes the history of the political magazine available to everyone.

DigiBib - a digital library

DigiBib is a cross-database search facility to numerous catalogues, subject and full-text databases hosted by the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre. For more information about this you can download a brochure in english.