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Every issue of the feminist magazine EMMA from the seventies onwards can now be viewed online in a Digital Archive. 

Der FrauenMediaTurm

The FrauenMediaTurm (WomenMediaTower) is a nonprofit organization which was founded as "The Feminist Archives and Documentation Centre" in 1984. 

Since 1994 the FrauenMediaTurm has been situated in Cologne's famous Bayentower which has been the landmark of Cologne for almost seven centuries.

Today the FrauenMediaTurm holds the most comprehensive and technically best equipped scientific archives on women's issues in German-speaking countries. The FrauenMediaTurm was initiated by Alice Schwarzer; Jan Philipp Reemtsma supplied the endowment fund. Members of the management board are Alice Schwarzer (chair), Barbara Schneider-Kempf (vice chair), and Barbara Schock-Werner. Since 2007 a digital visual archive has been supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The FrauenMediaTurm belongs to an association of autonomous women's archives in the German speaking region (ida). In cases of specialised inquiries beyond our scope, the user is, of course, referred to the respective archives.