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Every issue of the feminist magazine EMMA from the seventies onwards can now be viewed online in a Digital Archive. 


The FrauenMediaTurm holds about 15,000 books, 32,650 essays and articles,  938 national and international titles of feminist press (26,500 editions), several hundred dossiers on press and source materials, and about 1,500 leaflets and posters.

The main emphasis of documentation is laid on the Modern Feminist Movement from 1971 onward and the changes it brought about in today's society as well as on the Early Women's Movement which started out in mid-19th century, focussing on the so-called "radicals" (Hedwig Dohm, Mina Cauer, Anita Augspurg). Moreover, the early stages of human history are documented as far as information exists about the specific situation of women and their self-assertion (Hildegard von Bingen, Christine de Pizan, Olympe de Gouges).

The contents of books, essays, articles, brochures, leaflets and dissertations are documented not only bibliographically but also qualitatively on the database. A special feminist thesaurus - the first one in German - was developed by scholars of the FrauenMediaTurm and published in August 1994. All documents are retrievable in different ways - not only via author, title or feminist subject but also person, organisation, name of location, etc. Qualified staff will answer your questions or queries, both written and otherwise.